• Tell us where and when you want your private jet and it will be ready as soon as you confirm your choice.
  • We have a tailor made service so that you can make this trip your trip.
  • We have 24H/7 service so that in any part of the world you can have our services at your disposal.
  • We have a team of professionals who will follow your trip wherever you go.
  • All our private jets and operation comply with EASA standards, being the most demanding legislation in the world.

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  • We provide tailor made charters from 2 to 400 seats so that your business or trip has wings.
  • To better monetize your needs we offer ACMI, Dry Lease, Wet lease and full charter business models.
  • We have a dedicated service for groups and travel agencies around the world.
  • We have a dedicated team that is prepared to meet your needs whatever they may be.

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  • We are with you 24H/7 to rescue you from anywhere in the world to wherever you want.
  • Our team has partnerships with companies around the world to make any type of evacuation flight.
  • We have an immediate response service in Europe based in Cascais (LPCS)

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  • Atlantialcance has extensive experience in air cargo from small quantities to hospital emergencies, through heavy loads and dangerous goods.
  • We have a wide network of air cargo, both regional and international with hub in Lisbon and Porto.
  • We have the ability to ship any order within 24 hours to any part of the world.
  • For integrated solutions we have interliner agreement that covers about 250 destinations in the world.

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  • Atlantialcance has a team with extensive experience in managing business related to the airline activity and is an asset in helping with your business mediation.
  • Our team does consulting in the area of air transportation as well as airplanes management.
  • We can arrange for your aircraft maintenance service as well as hangar for the most convenient period.
  • We provide aircraft insurance.

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  • Atlantialcance has a unique air taxi service in the Iberian Peninsula where you can avoid big queues of check-ins in the airports and travel in secondary airports with great security and speed
  • Our air taxi service can be customized as you wish from traveling alone up to 6 people.
  • We also offer air cargo taxi service where we respond to any need that arises anywhere and time.
  • Atlantialcance air taxi stands out for operating in any type of airfield permitting that your departure and arrival gets as close to your destination as possible.
  • We have tourist flights from the centre of Lisbon to any point of the country where you can appreciate the aerial landscapes being a unique experience.
  • The air taxi operated by Atlantialcance is uniquely operated by highly qualified crew, an airline Captain and Co-pilot.
  • Piper Navajo available in ACMI, Wet Lease, Dry Lease, Ad Hoc, Charter and Cargo.

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